Why do I need to Log in with Facebook?

For Hope to work you need to add your friends in the app. At the moment we are using your friends list on Facebook to connect you. You then add and accept the friends you want to use Hope with.

Why do you need access to my location?

For Hope to work we need to know if you are in one of your preset places (eg. home, office, gym, BFF’s house) or out and about. To show this we need access to your location. You can easily turn  location sharing on / off  in the app as you want to.

I am not too sure about this location sharing, what are you doing around privacy?

We don’t show your exact location unless you choose to share it with a friend in the chat feature. Your friends will see that you are either in one of your places or out and about.

Privacy is a big concern for us (the reason we built this app) and you need to add and accept your friends on Hope for them to see you on their friends screen.

You can delete them by holding your finger on their profile in Hope and you can delete them. Once you delete them, you will be removed from their friends list too. You can then re-add them whenever you want.

You can also turn off your location sharing at anytime, you will find this in the me settings screen. You will still appear in your friends lists but without any location info.

I don’t want to share the time since I was last in a place, can I turn this off?

Yes, on the “Settings” screen you can turn this on and off as you please.

How do I chat with my friends?

Simply tap on their profiles on the “Friends” screen to chat away.

I can’t seem to find my friends, I know they have Hope but I don’t see them in the “Add Friends” screen?

You or your friend may have changed the settings with Facebook when signing up. You need to allow Hope access to your friends list on Facebook.

Why the new name?

The former name, Cape, worked really well when just showing that your friends got home ok. We have realised we can help our users beyond this, it can be a virtual BFF and the social glue between you and your friends.

For this we wanted a female name, we decided on Hope! Hope means trust and she is always there!

Hope is also our Founder's middle name and her Mother's maiden name. It was her Mother's insistence that friends should always stick together and look out for each other that inspired the app in the first place. We think that is kinda cool!